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The next step from "(AS3) Reading Tumblr feeds" is to give a fancier appearance to the data.
I wrote some  classes that provide presentations for each type of post Tumblr supports (i.e. text, video, photo, and so on) and made them into a tile view. It's not very different from Tumblr's "archive" pages, but looks good on the wide screen.
I wanted to play videos and audios directly on this page but found it a bit tricky because of Flash's security sandbox restriction.
I also meant to make it possible to change the size of each items and add smooth navigation and scrolling between pages. Or maybe it's also fun to make this with Ajax from the scratch.
If you have a Tumblr account, you can test display your feed. If not, the default is set to an account "kyndnote" that I used while testing.


tumblrview -kynd.info

http://kyndnote.tumblr.com/(Tumblrlog for testing)

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