(Web-service) Japanese Analizer powered by MECAPI

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MECAPI is a convenient web api that analyzes Japanese sentences, breaks down them into words and returns the result with additional information like the part-of-speech of each of the words.
This is so useful when building a application like search or recommendation engine because Japanese sentence is not separated with spaces like in European languages.
For example, 'anatanonoie' means my house or literally house(ie) of(no) you(anata), but there's no way other than to know each of the words to tell where they are separated.

As a brief test, I implemented a Japanese sentence analyzer in a straight-forward way.
Type a sentence to analyze in the text box and submit, then the pronunciation, part-of-speech, inflection, and baseform the words used are displayed in a table. Clicking the baseform opens online dictionary(tangorin.com) in a new window.

Japanese Analyzer - kynd.info

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