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Experiments on overwrapping videos with Processing.
What I've done here was to run three videos simultaneously, compare the R, G and B values separately and take the highest or lowest value for each of the pixels.
And the results were... so scary, the cars really looked like ghosts!

Ghosts(1) from kynd on Vimeo.

Ghosts(2) from kynd on Vimeo.

Ghosts(3) from kynd on Vimeo.

(misc) Honda insight on Vimeo

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The greatest commercial clip ever on the web.
The cars placed in grid act like a big LED display and play lovely animation. What's more impressing is that the interface of Vimeo changes along with the video. It's a fantastic full screen show.

"The desert hosts an unexpected light show in the latest Insight Hybrid television commercial created by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam for Honda Motor Europe."


(Flash) becoming an wizard using motion tracking

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Wave your hand and colorful lights sparkle outwards. The code is based on Baba Kanpei's motion tracking example.
As it's originally in AS2, I've re-wrote it in AS3 and added particle emission code.

source files

Motion tracking with AS3 from kynd on Vimeo.

(Flash) Box2D joint samples

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I love this!

'The ie6-upgrade-warning is a little script (7.9kb) that displays a warning message politely informing the user to upgrade the browser to a newer version (links to newest IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome are provided).'

SodaPlay revisited

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Playing with Box2D reminded me of SodaPlay. I used to create a number of creatures,spending a long hours and got interested in scripting.
I visited after a long long time today, I can't remember when was the last time I went there, and found the site has new applications that look marvelous. Time really flies.


(Flash) Box2D samples

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Though a little late, I downloaded Box2DFlashAS3 , which is a Flash version of powerful physics library by Erin Catto.

I found that the library is really well-designed and I could made two simple examples like below in a few ten minutes. There still be a functions I want to try like joints that work like gears and pulleys and I'll work on them later.

Only one problem may be the original manual is written in C's grammar. It's not hard to interpret it as AS3 but it's confusing sometimes.

simulation of falling balls

simulation of falling balls(2)

(processing) Manhattan from top of the rock

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Manhattan from kynd on Vimeo.

and, a morning in the central park:

Central park from kynd on Vimeo.