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This is a demonstration of how to use displacementMapFilter object to distort a DisplayObject. Here, the filter is applied to the thumbnails to create a 3D effect that makes them look like they are rotating around the viewer.

See 'DisplacementMapFilter - Flash CS4 Professional ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference' for more about DisplacementMapFilter.

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(Flash) Box2D samples

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Though a little late, I downloaded Box2DFlashAS3 , which is a Flash version of powerful physics library by Erin Catto.

I found that the library is really well-designed and I could made two simple examples like below in a few ten minutes. There still be a functions I want to try like joints that work like gears and pulleys and I'll work on them later.

Only one problem may be the original manual is written in C's grammar. It's not hard to interpret it as AS3 but it's confusing sometimes.

simulation of falling balls

simulation of falling balls(2)

Test of projection of a three-dimensional object to two-dimensional space using Utils3D.projectVectors method.

See 'Utils3D - Adobe ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components reference' for details.

sample movie and scripts