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SoundCloud is an awesome web site where you can easily distribute music you composed. You know, lots of amateurs are sharing their works on Youtube, but it's not necessarily the best way if you purely want to share a piece of music as video is not always needed and the encoding quality is not very good(I don't mean Youtube is a bad choice. It depends on what you want).
SoundCloud is clearly focused on the musicians, both professionals and amateurs who wants to promote and distribute their music.
You can upload music files and choose if letting others download the original or 128k compressed version of them. You can of course embed a music player widget to your site and even add a link to the shop where your songs are sold.
I liked their well-designed interface and the quality of musics posted to the site so far.
I'm curious to see if this service will succeed(They've just launched the site in Octorber, 2008.)

SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

In her suggestive post, Jennifer Reese tried to make bagels, jams, cream cheese and things like that following recipes from books and web-sites and judged if they were worth doing or not.
According to her, home made cream cheese costs more than a cup of Philadelphia and doesn't taste much better, while yoghurt costs less than buying it at the supermarket, and it tastes better.
What is interesting is that even though making granola costs three times more than a popular brand, she recommended doing so.
"Better? Vastly. World-beating, super-crunchy cereal, worth every calorie and penny"

How cost-effective is it to make pantry staples from scratch? - By Jennifer Reese - Slate Magazine

My first dictionay

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Very funny, though I don't  reccomend showing this to your kids

My first dictionay