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(Web-service) NY times released article search API

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'Finally! We are pleased to announce the initial release of the New York Times Article Search API. ' Great!

(Web-service) Japanese Analyzer update

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I added a new light-weight pop-up dictionary to the Japanese Analyzer .
Now in the new version, two links are displayed for each of the words. 'Tangorin' opens in a new window as same as before, while 'EDICT' opens in a small pop-up.
EDICT may be less accurate and less imformational than Tangorin, but I think it's more convenient for the learners who want to go through a sentence quickly.

Japanese Analyzer

(Web-service) smlfeeds - find similar feeds

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What you write is what you are interested in. So how about a service which automatically searches others' blog posts that might have the same topic as yours.

My idea is to:
  1. Pick up keywords from the feed of the blog by using the term extraction service of Yahoo.
  2. Then, search the keywords at Technorati and return a list of pages hit in new rss feed.
Result? Not bad. Some articles are indeed of my taste though some are totally irrelevant and I feel there's plenty of room for improvement.

Give it a try if you like. Enter the URL of the feed of your blog, bookmark or anything(RSS 1.0/2.0 and atom 1. are supported) and subscribe to the rss generated based on your feed which will be updated everyday.

smlfeeds, looks up blog posts that might be similar to yours.