Hairy Ghost

Ghosts must have been more ghostly a hundred or a thousand years ago.
I wonder how many people would have seen the ghosts at that time, not the real(?) ghosts but the image of ghosts.

Living in the twenty first century, we have seen many of them. Movies and TV shows have shown us lots of different ones from those very abstract like Casper to more scary ones like in Harry Potter. There are countless numbers of them and they still keep being invented. Thanks to the 3D technology, ghosts are now even getting out of the screen and flying around. But aren’t they forgetting the important thing by being realistic and visible to everyone?

In the old days, ghosts live in oral stories. There should have been books and pictures but the access to these ’sources’ are limited. People must have had different image of ghosts, thus they must have been more uncanny and elusive.

However having said that, what I made today is another images of ghost. In Japan, ghosts in the old illustrations often have very long and wavy hair. There also be a monster of hair called Ke-u-ke-gen, which is told to be based in the story of Chinese hermits who had lived hundred and seventy years in a mountain. This movie just reminded me of them.


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