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Some more paintings

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

One of my favorite but probably not very well know works of Pablo Picasso are his series of Las Meninas, which is based on Velázquez’s masterpiece of the same title. He created those 58 paintings by picking up different parts of the original and re-interpreting them into his unique style.

While not comparable with stunning works of genius, I had my auto-painter program reproduce some masterpieces. One is of course from Las Meninas. The another is Starry Night by Van Gogh, which looks like it works better with the program’s crude touch.

La Menina from kynd on Vimeo.

Starry night from kynd on Vimeo.

And some more explorations on automatic paintings:

Yellow Roses from kynd on Vimeo.

wet strokes from kynd on Vimeo.

dual strokes from kynd on Vimeo.

Brush strokes chimera

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Trying to mimic many different aspects of paintings like bleeding, traces of brush hairs, scratches and watery texture to rough matière, it ended up in something like strange chimera of different painting tools.
The strokes in a way really resemble real paintings, looking like watercolors, pastels, oil paint, etc. but at the same time look different from any of these.
The color makes me think of certain picture books. I don’t remember what exactly were they though, maybe Italian?

brush strokes from kynd on Vimeo.

Paintings and drawings

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Thanks to the links from A.N.D, creativeapplications and the openframework’s gallery page, two of my pencil drawing movies have got accesses over 2K.
I just looked back some of my painting and drawing related works. Some old ones still looked interesting. I remember processing took very long time to render them though the resolution was lower that the recent ones. Recreating them in better performance with openframeworks and new PC might be fun.

Black board drawing – breakfast from kynd on Vimeo.

Black board drawing – apple byte from kynd on Vimeo.

San Francisco from kynd on Vimeo.

pencil drawing (4) from kynd on Vimeo.

portrait of an Argentino from kynd on Vimeo.

Zebras from kynd on Vimeo.

landscape from kynd on Vimeo.

oil paint from kynd on Vimeo.

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